exit orbit

Because we don't want to leave the planet, we want to make it a better place, we really think recycling is the key, giving a second, third or even fourth life to any cloth or accessory is more than necessary nowadays. There is no Earth’s side B like in vinyls, so let’s change our mind and embrace second hand, vintage, retro, customizing the ones we have, creating new points of view with one cloth and also buying new ones, but like Vivienne Westwood says, consuming less, choosing well and making it last.

If you are thinking about purchasing one of our unique pieces, notice that they may have some stains or even a small hole, the color may has gone and also that they are special and exclusive pieces as they are handpainted, you won’t find two equal.

We make them with love, painting any motif although we are specially into music icons, cinema characters or any scifi geeky thing we can imagine, as well as nature vibes.

We are also compromised with showcasing other artists, so every month we will introduce you to this exciting collaboration.

Accesories: from 70€

Denim jackets: 120€

leather jackets: 170€

Other: drop as a line!