The inspiration for this collection loomed up from a visit to the esoteric collector and architect Sir John Soane´s House-Museum in London. 

Adding my own personal touch from sights and symbols there, I have created the following garments.


I’ve tried to capture the baroque aura contained within that symbolic place by creating an aesthetic reality conveyed across different printed tapestry’s fabrics, which draw Dada volumes, set against mesh masks of Greek origin and using metallic florescent cat suits, giving the impression of a hieratic attitude, reminiscent of the marble busts I saw there. 


I have tried to express, using different fabrics, the emotions of Fun and sadness, myth and honor as concepts from a romantic surrealism.

Like a game, the garments seem to be home’s objects coming to a cruel life if you touch them and pronounce the magical words, as in the film, “Return to Oz”.


So, summing up, this has been a handcrafted project of chance and impulsiveness, trial and error, and I hope I have achieved capturing Sir John’s ideas contained within his fantastic unreal worlds and strange creatures on view within this museum, where Greece meets England, classy meets contemporary and many other opposites shake hands.