The collection is based on the act of partying and going out, of a nihilistic and materialist youth, who wants nothing more than to escape from the reality that surrounds them.

It is divided into three distinct parts, (all of them with a baroque style that mixes fabrics, a collaboration with the Chilean artist Víctor Castillo, tie-dye and different “paraphernalia”), which could be metaphors of the different phases that take place over a night, a before, a during and after an intake of fun, which can, in turn, translate into the following ritual: preparation-delirium tremens-coma; or what is the same and continuing with the trilogy: sunset-night-sunrise.

All this does not pretend to be any criticism towards young people, but a decadent, exaggerated and theatrical vision of an attitude, which in front of the world around us, is not so strange or difficult to belong to it.